Combining ISA88 and ISA95

05 August 2008

ISA has published a report on using ISA88 and ISA95 together in an effort to identify key areas of overlap and gaps between the two standards.

The technical report is targeted for industry stakeholders intending to use the ANSI/ISA95 series for enterprise-to-control system integration and the ANSI/ISA88 series for control system integration within a common project.

ISA88 provides guidelines for the design and specification of batch control systems. The purpose of the committee’s work is to provide standards and recommend practices as appropriate for the design and specification of batch control systems as used in the process control industries. ISA88 defines terminology specific to batch control systems in order to increase understanding between manufacturers and users. A standard data structure batch control language is provided in order to simplify programming, configuration tasks, and communication between components of systems.

The ISA95 series defines the interface between control functions and other enterprise functions based upon the Purdue Reference Model for CIM (hierarchical form) as published by ISA. The goal of using ISA95 is to reduce the risk, cost, and errors associated with implementing interfaces between systems. The standard defines information exchange that is robust, safe, and cost effective. The exchange mechanism preserves the integrity of each system's information and span of control.

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