Time of flight of sensors with IO-Link communication

15 September 2020

Carlo Gavazzi has launched the latest LD30 Sensors with both ToF (time of flight) and IO-Link communication in the same sensor providing greater flexibility to detect any object, any colour, any material or surface types at a distance of up to 1,000mm.

The sensor can be operated in IO-Link mode once connected to an IO-Link master or in standard I/O mode and offers adjustable parameters via the IO-Link interface such as sensing an adjustable sensing distance of 50 to 1,000mm, either by potentiometer or via IO-Link where the analogue distance value between sensor and object is readable.

The LD30 output can be operated either as a standard switching output or in IO-Link mode and is fully configurable via IO-Link output, Electrical outputs can be configured as PNP/NPN/Push-pull/external input normally open or closed whilst the timer functions can be set as ON-delay, Off-delay and one shot or trailing edge with timing values from 1ms up to 32,767 min.

Logging functions such as temperature, detecting counter, power cycles and operating hours as well as single point, two point and windows mode, Logic functions such as AND, OR, XOR and Gated SR-FF all come as standard mode.

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