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15 September 2020

Wachendorff has recently launched redundant versions of its WDGR and WDGE series incremental and absolute encoders.

Available in the UK from from Variohm EuroSensor, the new series combines disparate optical and magnetic measurement principles that are independently correlated yet fully synchronised through separate processing electronics. 

Providing true redundancy and utilising as few similar components as possible, Wachendorff see the new products as cost-effective alternative to Performance Level d or SIL 3 based safety systems.

Two encoder versions are available: the WDGR combines incremental magnetic and incremental optical encoders whilethe WDGE combines absolute magnetic and incremental optical technologies. Both have 58mm diameter clamping flange mounting with a choice of shafts from 6mm to 9.525mm diameter. The resolution for the WDGR is up to 1024ppr magnetic and up to 5000ppr for the optical encoder. For the WDGE series the magnetic absolute encoder has a 16 bit single-turn and a 43 bit multi-turn resolution, whilst the incremental encoder resolution is up to 5000ppr. 

The optical sensor technology used in the encoders has a choice of industrial standard compatible power supply options which are separate for the two encoder types - reinforcing its redundant design. Both encoder models have incremental encoders with output options that include TTL, HTL and 1 Vpp sin/cos. The magnetic encoder in the WDGR model has HTL and HTL-inv output whilst the WDGE’s magnetic encoder output is CANopen with a CiA 301 communication profile. Specific details and application support for the new WDG redundant series encoders and Wachendorff´s entire range of sensor products is available from Variohm EuroSensor.

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