Research finds analytics critical to industrial transformation

27 August 2020

A research study produced jointly by LNS Research and MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International, has revealed a critical correlation of analytics to industrial transformation success.

The study, entitled Analytics That Matter in 2020: A New World’ is geared toward manufacturers across various industries. It provides an updated look at where industrial organisations fall within analytics progress, showing there is still much more work to do to achieve operational excellence. 

Based on a biennial survey by LNS Research, the data shows that there has been a promising 52% increase in industrial companies with a formal analytics programme.

Despite this objects do still remain. The study saw just a 39% increase in prescriptive capabilities – well behind the increases in diagnostic and predictive.”
New to the 2020 report is the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturers and their transformation initiatives. In addition, the study reveals these key insights: 
• How analytics are specifically tied to industrial transformation.
• What types of analytics are being overlooked and why manufacturers need to refocus
• How COVID-19 is impacting the progress of analytics within industrial 
• The importance of data models and how to build the right ones
• What roles are key to analytics success and how to effectively share information to stakeholders within an organisation
• Why it’s important not just to add more analytical tools into the mix

The study, conducted biennially, will be available for complimentary download for a limited period CLICK HERE

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