3D inspection robot system speeds up quality control testing

10 August 2020

Fast and accurate robotic testing is said to enable validation of more batches in much less time for the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery and construction sectors.

A 3D quality inspection robot system from ABB is said to be up to 10 times faster than Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) systems, and can accelerate production by providing fast, accurate testing to make metrology easier and less time consuming. 

Capable of detecting defects of less than half the width of a human hair and imperceptible to the naked eye, the 3D Quality Inspection (3DQI) solution is said to eliminate the need for manual inspection, while substantially reducing the likelihood of faults and errors. As well as increasing productivity, the system also reduces costs by minimising the risk of product defects that could lead to potential recalls. 
The 3DQI is mainly conceived for off-line testing stations, while its modularity allows customization or expansion to meet evolving business needs. Using a single 3D white light optical sensor to scan millions of 3D points per shot, a detailed digital model of the part being inspected can be created which can be compared to an original CAD drawing. All of this can be done 10 times faster than with traditional CMM machines . 
The sensor can be carried by any robot with a handling capacity greater than 20kg. 
The system also provides comprehensive data recording, which is processed in real-time using multiprocessor technology. The digital records support tracking and tracing should auditing be required at a later date, while helping operators to optimise performance and predict potential faults before they occur. 

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