4-channel HART multiplexer with HART-IP

20 July 2020

ProComSol has released its new 4 Channel HART multiplexer with HART-IP device which allows users to perform HART communications using the plant’s Ethernet network infrastructure.

Jeffrey Dobos, president of ProComSol, said: “Adding a HART-IP based HART multiplexer to the existing plant HART network provides a low-cost way to access HART instrument data for IIoT applications”.

The HMUX-4-DS HART Multiplexer, 4 channel, dual speed (referring to the support of PSK HART devices) mounts on the cabinet’s DIN rail.  The muiltiplexing (Mux) device connects to the HART instruments anywhere in the control loop.  These loop connections are easily be made in the marshalling cabinet so wiring effort is minimal; a plug and play product.  When the Mux is connected to the plant Ethernet network, the HART data becomes accessible wherever the network is available.

The typical use case is to setup a network connected pc running a HART-IP client that collects the measurement and status data from the HART instruments. This information can stay in the plant or be sent to the cloud for backup and ease of sharing.  HART-IP is a standard protocol for encapsulating HART commands into Ethernet (TCP/IP) packets for communications over Ethernet networks.  

Several software products exist for this task.  ProComSol offers the  DevCom2000 Smart Device Communicator software that can collect the data, and the user can access the HART device as if they were next to the device with a traditional HART communicator.  Since DevCom2000 is DD based, all device parameters are available, including Methods.

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