Improving lubrication management

15 June 2020

SKF has extended the capability of its Enlight ProCollect portable data collection system with the goal of enabling maintenance engineers to plan lubrication routes around a factory or process operation.

Lubrication is vital to rotating equipment performance and needs to be carried out at regular intervals. The enhancement to Enlight ProCollect will help manufacturing and process organisations improve maintenance procedures, with the potential to increase uptime and reduce costs.

The extended scope of Enlight ProCollect allows users to create, schedule and carry out lubrication routes more effectively. Enlight ProCollect is a portable condition-based monitoring system that helps companies adopt digitalisation within their maintenance approach. The new functionality, made possible by an update to the SKF ProCollect app, helps users collect vibration data and carry out re-lubrication simultaneously.

When creating lubrication routes, maintenance managers can define the correct lubricant, amount, location and interval in advance. They can also document specific assets and their lubrication demands, via a web-based cloud portal called SKF Enlight Centre. In this way, lubrication routes can be assigned to individual maintenance staff.

Technicians are alerted when each route is due, and the mobile app guides them through the correct lubrication routine. Lubrication data is entered directly into the app and automatically uploaded to allow documentation to be instantly completed and subsequent analysis of factors such as route verification and task trends. 

This approach helps companies make better-informed decisions while giving maintenance managers peace of mind. They know instantly that a lubrication route has been completed correctly and on-schedule, with greater visibility of overall maintenance activities, route status, team performance and asset health. 

The latest version of the SKF ProCollect app is now available on the App Store.

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