Connect More Sensors To Your Network Node

25 July 2008

Simply use the IO-Link sensor Hubs from Balluff, each Hub can connect up to 16 standard sensor inputs or alternatively eight standard and four analogue sensor signals.

What's more it's only a three core unshielded connection between the Hub and the IO-Link Master - as it is for all IO-Link connections, even the analogue signals from the sensor to the Hub or to the Master directly.

* Savings in cable costs - particularly where for example a 19 core flexible drag chain cable might be used - now replaced with a simple three core flexible cable.
* Savings in routing a Network cable to inaccessible or moving parts, for instance a robot arm.
* Savings in Connector costs, everything now becomes M12 - 3 core as standard.
* Savings in cable system weight.
* Savings in Hub versus Network module box space.
* Savings in the number of Network nodes.

What is IO-Link?
* New, simple, field-bus independent and open standard interface
* Serial point-to-point connection and not a new bus system!
* 100% compatible to existing technology in terms of cabling, utilizes existing field- bus platforms - PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, CanOpen.
* Uses only familiar, low cost and unshielded standard industrial 3 wire M12 connection systems
* Even analogue distance sensors, valve clusters, and multi-way Sensor Hubs use M12 - 3 wire, exactly as for standard sensors over a 20m cable length.

* Installation is drastically simplified
* Comprehensive and consistent diagnostics
* Parameters are simple to retain and download

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