Ultrasonic transducer offers enhanced flowmeter performance

27 April 2020

Emerson has added the Daniel T-200, a titanium-housed transducer, to its gas ultrasonic flowmeter product line. This product is the first to use metal 3D printing to enhance the acoustic performance in custody transfer applications.

The robust design of the flowmeter provides increased reliability, uptime and safety while achieving high gas measurement accuracy.

In an ultrasonic flowmeter, transducers generate acoustic signals that are sent back and forth across the fluid stream. The difference in the transit times of these signals is used to determine the fluid flow velocity. Signal quality and strength are critical to measurement accuracy, which is paramount in custody transfer applications. An error of only 0.1% can equate to hundreds of thousands of euros annually in a large diameter high pressure pipeline.

The all-metal housing is said to provide a barrier from corrosive hydrocarbon fluids and wet gas, extending the life of transducer components

The T-200 can also be safely extracted while the meter is under pressure without special high-pressure extraction tools, which reduces the possibility of greenhouse gas emissions during extraction. The capsule which contains the piezoelectric crystal used to produce ultrasonic sound waves is retractable as a single piece for simplicity and ease of use.

The new design is rated for a wide range of operating conditions, including pressures from 1 barg to 255 barg and temperatures from -50 to 125°C.

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