Linear robots for cost-effective automation

14 April 2020

Cartesian robots are used in a wide variety of applications such as pick & place, sorting systems and medical technology. igus has developed a line and room linear robot which can move up to 5kg.

The drylin line and room linear robots consist of pre-configured linear modules, aluminium linear axes, NEMA stepper motors and encoders. The line robot is for simple pick & place tasks, transporting loads of up to 50 N in a workspace of 800x500mm at a maximum speed of up to 1m/sec. 

For more complex tasks, the room robot can transport loads of up to 50 N in a workspace of 800x800x500mm at a maximum speed of 0.5m/sec. Two ZLW toothed belt axes and one GRR gear rack axis ensure precise guidance and lubrication-free operation.

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