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Portescap launches cannulated size 6 brushless slotted DC motors for arthroscopic applications

02 December 2019

Today’s most challenging arthroscopic procedures require power, speed and efficiency. For arthroscopic shavers in particular – where variations in patient tissue, bone and cartilage density must be considered – the right combination of speed and power is required to remove soft tissue and bone. Motors need to be tightly packaged and offer minimal vibration to achieve lightweight, ergonomic designs – a challenge answered by the latest cannulated Brushless DC motors from Portescap.

Portescap is a world leader in sterilisable motor technology. Thanks to decades of development and millions of surgeries in the field, Portescap motors have the proven capability to deliver exceptional surgical results under the most demanding conditions. The release of three new cannulated surgical motors for arthroscopic applications offers engineers a solution with low vibration, high efficiency and a proven ability to withstand 1,000+ sterilisation cycles – as well as exposure to saline and other foreign materials.

The B0612H1005 Cannulated Microdebrider / Shaver Motor (48V), B0612H1006 Cannulated Microdebrider / Shaver Motor (36V) and B0612H1007 Cannulated Microdebrider / Shaver Motor (24V) are sterilisable BLDC motors designed for arthroscopic shaver and microdebrider applications. Each has been optimised for a specified input voltage to provide the torque and speed that is typically required to effectively remove soft tissue and bone in minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The popularity of arthroscopy as an alternative to open surgery is a result of the overwhelming evidence that the minimally invasive technique reduces recovery rates and may increase the rate of successful surgeries. The challenge for engineers designing surgical tools for arthroscopic applications is to specify components that deliver the highest levels of control, reliability and consistency.

The new Portescap motors are lightweight with low noise and vibration to maximise tactile response and surgeon control in the most delicate of surgeries. They are well-suited for traditional surgical tools as well as for robotically assisted surgical devices. Having been designed and tested to withstand in excess of 1,000 autoclave cycles they also offer the advantage of extending life and lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the end user.

Standard prototypes are available within two weeks, enabling Portescap’s partners to begin testing quickly and shorten their time to market. However, each of the motors can be further customised to meet the specific needs of a given application. Portescap’s R&D engineers are well versed in medical device integration and are eager to collaborate. For example the electrical magnetic coil can be customised for precise torque and speed delivery; the output shaft and housing can be adjusted; alternative bearing materials can be specified for increased operational life.

Further information of customisations can be found on the Portescap website along with products details and resources such as 3D CAD files. For more information or for help selecting a motor, talk to an engineer today.


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