Connectivity solution for different types of field devices

04 November 2019

Connext is a communication server from Progea which is aimed at companies investing in automation platform compatibility and data processing.

Said to be more than just an ordinary server, Connext offers connectivity for different types of field devices as well as providing data recording tools. It is an open, flexible and modular l/O server solution based on OPC UA technology. 

Its ability to obtain real-time data via machine to machine (M2M) communications allows users to build systems that boost efficiency and improve competitiveness. A key feature is its ability to connect to any field device, as it supports many standard communication protocols, plus IloT communications via the cloud. 

Different protocols can be applied and used simultaneously which allows the solution to provide a flexible, universal tool that can help ensure higher levels of plant connectivity and interoperability. 

Functionality is enhanced by interfacing with existing devices and systems. Acting as a gateway between field information and other local or remote systems, Connext can serve a range of industrial information systems including SCADA, HMIs, MES and ERP platforms. From a programming point of view, in addition to its own set of drivers and function modules, .NET developers can benefit from the software development kit (SOK) to integrate their own suite of customised protocols and expand the existing library of drivers available. 

The Connext OPC UA server was designed to support the Data Access (DA), Alarm & Conditions (A&C) and Historical Access (HA) OPC UA specifications so, in addition to its server functions, the solution also offers the ability to manage alarm notifications and record the data transferred in a database, either on-premise or cloud. 

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