Getting insights from the cloud

29 October 2019

Beijer Electronics has introduced a new cloud solution, including its IIoT platform, to enable users to move data to the cloud and gain insights to streamline operations.

Beijer Electronics’ X2 HMIs and BoX2 devices are now IIoT ready as standard so are able to help move machine data to the cloud.

A secure cloud connection is easily set up in the acirro+ platform to start moving machine data to the cloud. The solution is simple to implement on a machine without needing to rewire an existing installation or re-program an existing application.

With data securely stored in the cloud users are able to create visual dashboards that combine different data sources, no matter how simple or complex. Key performance indicators from machines can be viewed in real or near-real time using the runtime dashboard.

Viewing machine data in visual dashboards gives great overview and provides insights to streamline your machine’s operation, creating new business opportunities.

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