Cost and time saving solution for tank and silo calibration

29 October 2019

Replacing time-consuming and cumbersome test-weight, flow-meter or material-substitution methods, Mettler Toledo’s RapidCal tank scale calibration system instead applies downward force applied with hydraulic equipment that mimics tank-scale loading during normal operation.

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According to the company doing the calibration this way accounts for piping- and understructure-influences and offers greater calibration accuracy. The new method is said to save up to 80% working time when compared with traditional methods. It also avoids waste of deionized water that is typically used for flowmeter calibration. 

The RapidCal reference system promises 0.1% accuracy. Reference load cells provide traceability to applicable standards. RapidCal also avoids the need for tank-emptying and cleaning of material substitution, which in turn eliminates contamination risk and disposal costs. The effective downtime is limited to a few hours per calibration. 

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