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Automation and digitalisation solutions – Scalable and perfectly matched

15 October 2019

As an expert in Industrial Connectivity, Weidmüller offers u-mation, an integrated service for the automation and digitalisation of your machines and systems. You can benefit from the perfect interaction between all components and optimum integration into your systems. Hardware and software can be combined as required to produce future-proof automation and digitalisation solutions. u-mation allows you to tap into future-proof application opportunities and increase your competitiveness.

In order to meet the requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT), automation technology needs to improve on its performance and reactivity all the time. u-mation offers you a tailored hardware portfolio with which you can perfectly prepare your machines and systems for future functions. The central element of our automation hardware is u-control 2000, one of the most state-of-the-art and compact controllers on the market. u-control 2000 is compatible with our u-remote system and forms the hardware platform for our engineering solutions u-create web, u-create studio and u-create IoT. 

Our range is rounded off by the high-performance u-view multitouch panels, which meet all the requirements of state-of-the-art visualisation, control and IoT applications. In combination with the platform-independent visualisation software u-create visu, the u-view multitouch panels allow you to create a dynamic, scalable visualisation of your automation functions.

Engineering Landscape
Future-proof automation solutions should adapt flexibly to new requirements. In order for this to happen, the production-related software needs to guarantee this adaptability. u-mation offers extensive engineering tools which have an open software architecture to give you maximum flexibility for individual applications. For example, you can use u-create studio with its open Linux architecture and established CODESYS development environment for the implementation of complex control functions. Or you could opt for u-create web, which is a web-based engineering software for platform-independent configuration, system parametrisation and programming from anywhere. 

The u-create IoT software, which is also web-based, smooths the journey towards the IoT by allowing you to prepare sensor information and send it to the cloud. The optimum interface between human and machine is provided by u-create visu. The dynamic visualisation software implements tailored solutions for a wide range of automation functions.

Digitalisation (IoT)
Digitalisation is about the intelligent networking of machines and processes. In the industrial Internet of Things, all the components in a production environment are connected to one another via a digital infrastructure, making them stakeholders in the process. With u-mation, Weidmüller combines innovative automation technologies with smart digitalisation solutions, thus achieving a future-proof connection of all process levels, from the sensor to the cloud. 

Communication-capable components, such as the ACT20C signal converter and the PROtop power supply with CANopen communication module, form the basis for consistent digital networking and provide continuous information on device status, signals and data. In combination with web-based software u-create IoT, our u-control 2000 controller provides the option of preparing sensor information from u-remote I/O modules and forwarding it directly to the cloud. Thanks to the Node-RED implementation, various IoT applications can be implemented within a short space of time based on a modular principle.

Machine Learning
The key to increased efficiency and cost control in the life cycle of your systems is the profitable use of machine and process data. Thanks to state-of-the-art sensor systems and digital networking, u-mation enables you to extract the data which are relevant to you and use them in intelligent analytics processes.

Our machine learning service is all about innovative analytics solutions which allow you to initiate targeted maintenance measures and thus minimise unnecessary downtimes. Make the most of predictive maintenance to plan future service intervals based on your requirements. 

Seamless monitoring of your sensor, status and process data also provides you with reliable information about the quality of your products (predictive quality). The analytics modules learn from your machine data and thus become more accurate over time. The machine learning models provide a future-proof foundation for more efficient production strategies.

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