Smart universal marshalling solution

20 September 2019

Eaton has launched the MTL SUM5 smart universal marshalling solution for process applications which is said to be capable of reducing distributed control system (DCS) marshalling cabinet requirements by up to 50%.

MTL SUM5 combines five functions in a modular design enabling one standard cabinet to deliver the low lifetime costs and low installed cost while saving space in a control room.

Typically, process applications requiring intrinsic safety (IS) isolation, signal conditioning, relay interfaces, surge protection and loop disconnect, require four different cabinet designs with complex wiring between the marshalling components. MTL SUM5  offers a solution in the form of a single cabinet design with ‘plug and play’ configurable modules for the five key marshalling functions. It eliminates the need for intricate wiring to interconnect the components, ultimately improving uptime and reducing the cost of wiring, installation and maintenance. 

The most common reason for failure of existing marshalling systems is due to the wiring. Because MTL SUM5 removes the need for this wiring, it also eliminates this risk of failure, providing a robust reliable solution for processing plants in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power, pharmaceutical and water and wastewater industries.”

MTL SUM5 reduces the number of marshalling components by 65% compared to a standard solution. One MTL SUM5 universal ADIO isolator module supports the functionality provided by 20 different MTL4500 single channel modules, while the configurable parameters enable support for an even wider range of applications.The marshalling solution also provides comprehensive diagnostics, notifying the process managers when action is required. It also features LED indicators for power, function and status, which simplifies commissioning and troubleshooting. The MTL SUM5 modules are designed for both cabinet mounting in the control room, or field mounting. They are designed for ambient operating temperatures from  -40 to +70°C and for mounting in a Zone 2 hazardous area, thus providing reliable operation in remote locations.

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