5G: is industry ready?

16 September 2019

Recent research shows that 50% of industry professionals are positive about 5G in manufacturing and see it as a way to obtain universal connectivity.

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HMS Networks surveyed 50 international industry professionals in spring 2019 to inquire about the positioning of wireless communication in their companies and to see how they are getting ready for the launch of 5G. The findings of this research have been published in a whitepaper document entitled ‘5G: Is the Industry ready?’ providing an interesting insight into the current situation in the manufacturing industry in terms of 5G preparedness. The document also looks at the use of wireless technologies in industry today and possible future directions.
Key findings highlighted in the document include the fact that more than half of the interviewees indicated that they use wireless communication solutions for remote monitoring and remote operation of assets. One-third of the respondents stated that their companies were using wireless communication for different kinds of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
Almost half (48%) of respondents were positive about 5G in manufacturing – they mostly appreciated that the technology will replace cables, Wi-Fi, and the many industrial standards in use today. However, for the majority (58%) of respondents, the reliability and robustness of wireless systems plays a decisive role in whether to adopt 5G or not, and this was voiced equally by representatives from both the operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) domains. Low latency was mentioned as important by 26% of respondents.

“The survey clearly shows that industry is becoming increasingly aware of 5G benefits for industrial communication. What the industry really needs is technical information and practical examples,” said Marcela Alzin, program manager at HMS Labs at HMS Networks, who conducted the research. 
To download a complimentary copy of the whitepaper please visit: www.hms-networks.com/industrial-iot-solutions/5G/ready

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