Near-infrared range absorption sensor

16 September 2019

The compact and easy to use EXpect 231 NIR absorption sensor from EXNER is suited to use in a wide range of processes.

The sensor is designed to determine turbidity in a multitude of processes. The new type is based on the existing EXspect 230 and EXspect 250 sensors. Its stainless steel housing features a hygienic design and is IP69 certified. 

The measurement itself is done in the near-infrared range (NIR) with a wavelength of 850nm, which allows colour-neutral measurement. Cleaning by means of CIP/SIP processes is possible and NIST-traceable reference filters are available.

Its hygienic design makes the sensor suitable for use in a wide variety of applications across the processing industry in applications such as for the monitoring and control of separators, the determination of yeast concentrations in breweries, concentration measurement in the headbox in paper production, and the monitoring of purification processes in dairies, are examples of the areas of application.

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