Levelling the robot playing field for low-repetition tasks

19 August 2019

Automata would appear to have created a truly innovative collaborative robot – from the ground up – in a bid to meet the growing need for automated solutions for less repetitive tasks. A key element of the design of the cobot was to provide a solution with low deployed system costs to enable it to offer a cost-effective automated solution.

The result is Eva, a robot arm with six-degrees of freedom and with desktop-class simplicity and affordability, but industrial grade performance. With prices starting at £5,000, the robot arm costs at least one-third that of comparable offerings currently on the market. Automata tells us that Eva is able to drastically reduce integration time – the robot can be set up in just 15 minutes, being run via a simple to use bespoke browser-based interface – Choreograph – which can be run on any device, even untethered to the robot. The robot can be directly connected to a computer via Ethernet or wifi or can be added to a network in the same way as a printer. It provides 24V Industrial Logic: digital and analogue inputs and outputs, totalling 32 pins.

Eva is housed in a IP20-rated enclosure and has a footprint of just 160 x 160mm. It is able to operate in temperatures of between 5 and 40°C and at humidities of up to 90% 

To keep the cost of the robot low, Automata employed commodity components wherever possible. For example, it used two low-cost position sensors and clever math to gain high precision, in place of a single high-cost precision sensor. It also created a new powertrain stack from scratch, which is manufacturable at 25% the cost of competitors. The robot arm includes six servos each containing a powertrain which has provided massive gains in unit economics per robot.

To date Eva has been employed in applications including pick and place, spot gluing and product testing. 

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