ODVA conformance for EtherNet/IP-enabled drives and integrated motors

28 July 2019

A range of servo drives, stepper drives and integrated motors from Applied Motion Products now conform to the ODVA specification for EtherNet/IP communications.

The ODVA Conformance Program mandates that vendors use a common network interface to ensure interoperability with products from other vendors. Products must pass rigorous testing by an authorised Test Service Provider before declared ODVA conformant.   

ODVA conformant servo drives, stepper drives, and integrated motors perform their specific positioning, velocity and other motion control tasks while simultaneously exchanging control, I/O and diagnostic data with controllers on the EtherNet/IP network. Customers who rely on EtherNet/IP as the backbone of their industrial Ethernet network can speed time-to-market for their machines and end products by specifying ODVA conformant devices.  

Customers have the freedom to choose products from an international vendor pool and the peace of mind that those products will interoperate in multi-vendor systems.

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