Expanded cyber security threat detection services

22 July 2019

More than half of all respondents to a recent LNS Research survey said their industrial facility has experienced a cybersecurity breach. To help prevent such incidents Rockwell Automation has expanded its Threat Detection Services powered by the Claroty threat detection platform.

“A scary aspect of security threats is what you don’t know about them – what techniques they’ll use, what attack vector they’ll leverage, what vulnerabilities they will exploit,” said Umair Masud, manager security services portfolio, Rockwell Automation. 
Rockwell’s Threat Detection Services help safeguard connected operations in three key ways:

• Identify and protect: Identifying all industrial control networked assets, and their vulnerabilities, to help companies know what to protect.
• Detect: Monitoring networks for known threats and for anomalous traffic or behaviours to alert companies of a security incident – possibly before it happens.
Response and recovery: Developing plans for containing, eradicating and recovering from attacks to keep operations running or to more quickly return to a fully operational state.
Companies that have used the Threat Detection Services have also discovered operational benefits. For example, collected asset data can help uncover risks like obsolete technology, outdated firmware and spare parts shortages.
The Claroty threat detection platform creates an inventory of a user’s industrial network assets, monitors traffic between them, and analyses communications at their deepest level. Detected anomalies are reported to plant and security personnel with actionable insights.  
“The Claroty platform used within the Threat Detection Services can accelerate a company’s journey to more connected and digitally driven operations,” said Amir Zilberstein, co-founder and CEO, Claroty. “Most critically, the platform can help companies detect and quickly respond to threats that bypass their security controls. But it can also give companies a deeper understanding of their industrial assets and improve their ability to keep operations running.”
Claroty is a Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program.

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