Safety laser scanner certified to IEC TS 62998

15 July 2019

SICK UK has announced the launch of the outdoorScan3, which is believed to be the first laser scanner to be safety-certified for use outdoors.

The outdoorScan3 Safety Laser Scanner is designed to monitor hazardous areas around machines and industrial vehicles outdoors with a high level of availability.

The SICK outdoorScan3 Safety Laser Scanner answers the need for a high-performance safety scanner certified for outdoor use in industrial automation and intralogistics environments, as well as for integration into autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. 

The outdoorScan3 can be used in safety applications requiring certification to PLd (EN ISO 13849)/SIL2 (EN 62061) and is additionally a class D device according to IEC TS 62998, the new technical specification governing outdoor use. 

Equipped with SICK’s safeHDDM time-of flight infra-red scanning technology the SICK outdoorScan3 uses intelligent algorithms to filter out the influences of bright sunlight, rain, snow and fog.  With the outdoorScan3 onboard, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be certified for travel between indoor and outdoor industrial environments and thereby enable the continuous workflow of materials between production halls or warehouses.  

With a wide scanning angle of 275° and a protective field range of 4m, the outdoorScan3 achieves a total safe scanning area of 38.40m2 with a minimum response time 90 ms.  It can monitor up to 128 individual and freely-definable protective fields, and up to eight fields simultaneously, giving it ability to respond highly dynamically to the changing environment around it.
With a ‘non-safe’ warning field range of 40m, the outdoorScan3 also can also output raw measurement data via Ethernet for navigation purposes, so safety and navigation duties can be achieved with a single device, without the need to use a separate scanner for navigation.   

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