UK mining company benefits from expanded edge computing solution

07 June 2019

A UK-based mining company is the first to take delivery of the new generation ztC Edge computing platform, the ztC Edge 110i from Stratus Technologies.

Stratus Technologies, a global leader in simplified, protected, autonomous edge computing solutions, delivered the first units to UK distributor Routeco, for a customer running Rockwell Automation software to control and monitor power within their plant.
With the latest additions to its ztC Edge computing solution, Stratus is responding to the changing needs of its industrial and manufacturing customers as traditionally insulated operations become more decentralised and connected. The company’s solution has evolved to address a new set of issues around security, interoperability, and manageability.”
The more powerful ztC Edge 110i supports those requiring more processing and data storage for their edge workloads. Unlike many gateway products, ztC Edge is designed for critical business applications, including those that support the collection and analysis of real-time data at the edge. 

It is also unlike complex IT-like computing solutions as ztC Edge is designed for operational professionals to deploy, manage and maintain on their own.  Stratus has added performance and monitoring capability alongside an innovative in-built security feature that protects networked devices that do not protect themselves. 

Richard Sharod, VP EMEA at Stratus said: “ztC Edge is running a vast array of tasks for different companies including SCADA, HMI and Historian in industrial organisations, operations and infrastructure, in airports, power stations, shopping malls and machine building processes. We’ve added significant capability around security with ztC Edge 110i, as well as increased reliability with fault tolerance capability.”
In receipt of the first ztC Edge 110i units, George Elmes, IIoT team leader at Routeco said: “We are delighted to be the first Stratus partner globally to supply the next generation ztC Edge solution. Our first sale has been to a customer who needed a redundant platform to run Rockwell Automation software, which monitors and controls the power within the site. The Stratus ztC Edge 110i was chosen for its simplicity, redundancy and for the ability to work with just one vendor.”

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