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Board-level cameras with liquid lenses now include autofocus

28 May 2019

The latest versions of the LE AF USB 3.1 Gen 1 board-level cameras with liquid lenses from IDS now include a single shot autofocus capability. The liquid lenses allow the switching of focus in milliseconds for different object distances. These lenses operate for millions of cycles, wear-free and without moving parts, making them particularly suitable for applications where the working distance changes frequently.

Application examples include: example, logistics systems (e.g. for parcel receipt and sorting), rapid focusing in microscopy and traffic monitoring or for installation in small medical or industrial devices.

The uEye LE AF liquid lens can be manually focused through software, using either the uEye Cockpit user interface or API. This not only provides precise control over focusing but is also especially useful in applications such as traffic monitoring where the lens cannot be reached manually. Autofocus is now also possible with these lenses thanks to the release of IDS Software Suite 4.92.

The single shot autofocus can be easily triggered via software. It can be individually configured according to the requirements of different applications and ensures perfectly sharp images in the blink of an eye. As always, the IDS Software Suite release is backward compatible, so existing users of the uEye LE AF with just active focus capability can upgrade to include the autofocus function.

Users can choose between models with the 6.4 MP IMX178 rolling shutter sensor from Sony or the high-resolution 18.1 MP AR1820HS rolling shutter sensor from ON Semiconductor. Further sensors will follow. All models are equipped with a 10-pin, lockable I/O Molex connector for GPIO, trigger and flash and enable IDS-typical "plug and play" functionality. USB Power Delivery enables variable power to be supplied for peripheral devices at the I/O port. Full details of the models available can be found at: https://en.ids-imaging.com/store/products/cameras/ids-family/le/ids-camoptions/active-focus.html
Housings for the cameras can be created using 3D printing. The 3D print data for both active focus and autofocus versions of the uEye LE USB 3.1. Gen 1 series are available as STL files from: https://en.ids-imaging.com/3d-print-data.html.

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