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Bridge your diagnostics gap with PROCENTEC’s new EtherTAP

28 May 2019

You have identified the problem on your network, but wouldn't you rather know the solution? PROCENTEC's new EtherTAP monitoring interface is the bridge to the Osiris functionality on their portable Mercury tablet and permanent Atlas module. Both devices run on diagnostics platform Osiris to analyse the information feed from the EtherTAP. This enables PROCENTEC’s build-in assistant Delphi to come up with a solution to help you to quickly and effectively get your operations running again.

Instead of having to analyse, interpret and formulate a way to solve your network issues yourself, by trying to make sense of all the messages, PROCENTEC offers a virtual network engineer who does all that in a fraction of the time. With Atlas you realise 24/7 monitoring with total accuracy. The Osiris diagnostics platform on Mercury and Atlas already offered advanced active monitoring for your network, now with the release of the new EtherTAP it also features passive monitoring for any Ethernet or PROFINET network. The advantages are multiple.

Advanced Insight
The passive set-up allows for an easy plug & play installation without any configuration. The EtherTAP is placed between the PLC and the first switch. It produces insight into the messages travelling on the network and the Osiris software does the advanced analysis. An effective set-up to monitor network load, detect CRC errors, capture PROFINET alarms, check communication cycle times of your PLC, notice dropped packets and measure the jitter in the PROFINET real-time communication. All this data is continuously logged and you will get a notification in case of issues.

The TAP in EtherTAP stands for Test Access Point, which translates into being able to easily connect and see real time what is traveling on your network without interference. EtherTAP is the reliable hardware bridge between your network and a computer with diagnostic software. The software is easy to use, but to get the best out of the platform it is recommended to participate in PROCENTEC’s PROFINET certified trainings.

Reliable Solution
The EtherTAP is designed for Industrial Ethernet environments, it has a reliable USB link that streams the captured messages to the accompanying driver, which emulates an additional Ethernet port and hands the messages over to Osiris for interpretation and active Delphi solution suggestions. Mercury and Atlas can be connected and disconnected to the EtherTAP USB port on the go. The EtherTAP also prevents the device connected to the USB link to send out messages on its own initiative, which could jeopardize the real-time behaviour and security of the network. It realizes a feed with no loss of messages and communicates time stamped messages with the precision of just a few nanoseconds to be able to accurately pinpoint the problem on your Ethernet or PROFINET network and prevent costly downtime.

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