Pharmaceutical supplier opts for innovative hygienic flowmeter

28 May 2019

Specialist process machinery manufacturer, L.B. Bohle, has employed Bürkert’s FLOWave flowmeters into its PUR pharmaceutical universal cleaning system, which is designed specifically for cleaning containers of a variety of sizes.

The FLOWave flowmeter uses a surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology to deliver precision measurements from a very compact unit, with no in-line flow restrictions, even in turbulent or contaminated flow.

All the components for transporting and treating the cleaning water in the PUR system are stored within a stainless-steel cabinet. This enables the compact unit to be easily stored in the washing area, where the processes are run according to a specific recipe and documented automatically. A touch panel mounted on the cabinet enables convenient local operation.

The flowmeter is used to measure flowrates, which works with an uninterrupted tube that exactly matches the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes. The flowmeter design works well in CIP systems as none of the sensor components are in direct contact with the fluid so there is no restriction to flow.

The compact size and low weight of the unit also enables easy installation in the control cabinet. With an orifice of 50mm, it weighs just 3.5 kilograms and can be easily fitted or replaced by one person. 

The process for calibrating the FLOWave and commissioning is also easy and can be achieved in under 60 seconds using an intuitive menu process.

The FLOWave is suited to hygienic applications with the measuring tube manufactured to the same surface finish as the rest of the pipeline. Measurement is performed without any contact between the sensor elements and the media. This constitutes hygienic design and makes cleaning easier. There is also no pressure drop in the system because the measuring tube is no different than any other straight pipe piece for flow purposes. The measurement works regardless of whether the fluids are immobile, flowing quickly or alternating.

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