Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite App now available on Cortex

28 May 2019

Indegy has announced the availability of the Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite app on Cortex by Palo Alto Networks – an open and integrated AI-based continuous security platform.

Building on Cortex allows Palo Alto Networks partners to use normalised and stitched together data from customers’ entire infrastructure to build cloud-based apps that deliver innovative cybersecurity capabilities to joint customers.

The Indegy app on Cortex is built to work seamlessly for Palo Alto Networks customers by providing cloud-based protection of ICS networks and connected devices from attacks that can impact operations and industrial processes. The app utilises Cortex Data Lake and integration with Palo Alto Networks enforcement points to provide joint customers with visibility, security and control over the OT network. 

Industrial facilities can implement Indegy to safely automate operational processes by protecting them from cyber attacks, insider threats and human error. “The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite app on Cortex enables us to simplify and accelerate the delivery of advanced industrial security capabilities to Palo Alto Networks customers using the cloud,” said Mille Gandelsman, CTO of Indegy. 

“Cortex partners can leverage the rich data available from across the enterprise to create AI-based innovations that provide more automated and accurate security outcomes to our joint customers,” said Karan Gupta, SVP of engineering for Cortex at Palo Alto Networks. Cortex is designed to simplify and improve security outcomes. Deployed on a global, scalable public cloud platform, Cortex allows security teams to speed the analysis of massive data sets. Cortex is enabled by Cortex Data Lake, where customers can securely and privately store and analyse large amounts of data normalised for advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to find threats and orchestrate responses quickly.

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