IO-Link RFID read/write modules

06 May 2019

A range of IO-Link RFID read/write modules from Contrinex are said to offer fast, low-cost integration by utilising two key industry communication standards within one device: The ISO15693 RFID standard in the read/write head for communication with the transponders and ISO 61131-9 IO-Link at the connector for communication with the control system.

Simplified, plug-and-play installation ensures cost-effective integration as well of the choice to operate either as RFID read/write devices or as stand-alone SIO sensors, where the RFID module acts as a discrete sensor providing binary switching. In the SIO mode, tag presence detection or data block comparison is used to provide a conditional output, much like a sensor.

Product testing lines will often comprise several test stations, each performing a fixed sequence of tests. For efficient real-time monitoring, identification systems need to integrate into the overall control system.

In a typical RFID system, part carriers are equipped with tags and every test station has a read/write Module (RWM). To program the testing machine, the RWM reads from each tag the type of test required for an individual part. After each test, the RWM writes the results back into the appropriate tag memory address/location. Test reports are automatically forwarded to the controller for product acceptance or rejection and fault correction.

HF Basic read/write modules with IO-Link allow easy system integration, making it ideal for use in this application. The ConIdent HF Basic tags and Read/write modules are compatible with ISO/IEC 15693, have fast data transfer times; and are available with a range of interfaces. Thanks to user-defined password protection features, data security is also covered.

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