Faster. Better. Connected – How the Festo Automation Platform provides industrial intelligence for the integrated industry

24 April 2019

Industry 4.0, seamless connectivity, digitalisation, smart products or platform concepts are keywords for higher productivity. The impressive automation platform from Festo encourages customers to increase their competitiveness in the booming automation technology sector. Jörg Tertünte, head of global Electric Automation campaign at Festo explains.

Design and engineering tools speed up the engineering process of modules or an entire machine. They make you more efficient and shorten your time to market. Using Festo software tools for engineering you can design motion hardware and simulate different combinations under various conditions – for single axes or complete systems. PositioningDrives, for example, provides perfect product dimensioning of single mechanics plus servo motor and drive as a package with no over-sizing. Or the Handling Guide Online, which offers the optimum handling or gantry system for 2D or 3D motion within 15 minutes according your application requirements.

With the broadest portfolio of pneumatic and electric components, Festo offers maximum scalability and solutions at all levels without restricting your flexibility – because Festo solutions are compatible with in-house standards. The automation platform contains hardware and software from end-to-end motion up to robotics – from mechanics to motion control. To ease the set-up of modules or machines, via Eplan we provide eCAD drawings and macros of single components and even more with the new Eplan Schematic Solutions you receive complete eCAD drawings of customised gantry systems or valve terminals. Rounded by the new Festo Automation Suite with its commissioning wizard for getting a servo drive package running within 5 clicks.

With connectivity solutions from Festo users benefit from smooth and seamless automation thanks to mechanical, electrical and intelligent connectivity – up to IoT and modern cloud solutions. Festo’s expertise in motion technology provides mechanics, pneumatic and an outstanding range of electric automation as well as state-of-the-art servo drive technology with unique highlights. Such as the new servo package with the compact, high-performance servo drive for demanding tasks and direct integration into leading network environments plus the new servo motor range connected via the “one-cable-plug” solution.

Faster. Better. Connected – The Productivity Master demonstrates seamless connectivity from the workpiece to the cloud.
The electric automation platform from Festo inside the machine offers everything required by modern solutions  – from decentralised automation in each module up to cyber-physical systems. Two key products for a seamless connectivity are the motion controller CPX-E PLC with EtherCAT master and the new family of servo drives CMMT. All motion inside is programmed in CODESYS – part of the Festo Automation Suite – and integrated in the host system either as a slave on PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or peer-to-peer (Modbus). This single source solution provides first class technology in mechanics, pneumatics, electric and software – therefore seamless connectivity in automation from one source.

Complete servo drive package for demanding automation tasks
Dynamic motion and precise positioning, whether for point to point or interpolation. The high-performance servo drive CMMT-AS can be fully integrated into any host environment with EtherNet-based protocols or directly connected to Festo’s motion controller CPX-E PLC. The appropriate, powerful servo motor EMMT-AS is connected to the CMMT-AS using the ‘one cable plug’ technology (OCP) what reduces the overall installation and saves space in machine and cabinet. Above all the parameterisation and programming of the package including corresponding mechanics can be done quick and easy by only five steps via the commissioning wizard of the Festo Automation Suite.

Festo Automation Suite as the intuitive and seamless software for commissioning provides intelligent connectivity works
The software that allows configuration and programming inside one tool makes project work and machine set-up quick and easy. Because installation and control concepts in modern machine layouts influence each other and architectures must be seamlessly networked to achieve complete connectivity. The Festo Automation Suite handles hardware from mechanics to control intuitive and intelligently. And this is how configuring and parameterising a fully functional servo drive package becomes child's play: five steps to run the servo package is all it takes using the commissioning wizard and with just two clicks the CMMT-AS is integrated into the controller program of CPX-E. And that’s not all: optionally, the CODESYS add-on enables the further programming of motion control and PLC functions of CPX-E.

Electromechanical solution for simple movements between two end positions with best in class value
The unique Simplified Motion Series is an integrated drive solution and combines the simplicity of pneumatics with the advantages of electric automation. It stands for very simple motion and positioning tasks and offers the same ease of commissioning and parameterisation as pneumatics without the complex commissioning required by classic electric systems. The configuration doesn’t need any software due to the intuitive, simple and quick set-up directly on the integrated drive. Communication is made easy because of the plug and work principle with digital IO (DIO) or more flexible when using IO-Link – both are incorporated as standard. That is Faster. Better. Connected. at its best.

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