Even the smallest sensor comes with unique features

27 August 2008

With its 3B series, Leuze electronic has come up with a whole new generation of miniature-format diffuse reflection light scanners.

Alongside wide scanning ranges and improved performance reserves, characteristic technologies of the series include external and spurious light source suppression and brightVision.

Despite their compact size, depending on the device variant, the HRTR 3B units offer precise scanning range adjustment up to a distance of 400 mm, allowing the sensors to be adjusted to a wide range of applications. Another excellent feature of the series is its background suppression technology. At a distance of 200 mm, the black and white error is lower than 10 per cent. Coloured structured objects or objects with breakthroughs and drilled or punched holes, as well as small parts or colour structured or shiny objects are reliably detected. The high degree of resistance to external or spurious light sources provided by A2LS (Active Ambient Light Suppression) also contributes to the outstanding availability of the system by allowing the sensors to detect incident spurious light, for example from lamps or other sensors, and to distinguish between their own sensor signal and the disturbing light source.

BrightVision technology simplifies handling and cuts down the time required for commissioning the sensors. First and foremost, it permits fast alignment with the aid of an extremely bright, easily visible light spot, while at the same time bright display diodes with all-round visibility ensure optimum operating convenience. The scanning depth can be quickly and precisely adjusted without hysteresis by means of an 8-turn spindle. HRTR 3B units are compatible with most popularly available mounting systems. An oblong hole permits flexible fastening adjustment, while the integrated metal fastening sleeve provides optimum protection against housing breakage.

The new 3B series diffuse reflection scanners with their red LED light source come in three variants. For standard applications with a maximum scanning range of up to 400 mm, they provide outstanding black and white behaviour and reliable switching, almost irrespective of the properties of either the object or the background. The XL variant guarantees a wide, square light spot (3 x 40 mm2 at a distance of 50 mm) for reliable detection of transparent foils and bottles or latticework structures such as blister packs or objects with changeable position. Optimized for the detection of small parts and colour structured, shiny objects against a close background, variant S comes with a light spot diameter of just 4 mm at a distance of 100 mm making this sensor ideal for product detection and counting for further processing applications.

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