Radiflow prioritises OT security through dynamic vulnerability assessment scoring

13 March 2019

Radiflow, a provider of cyber security solutions for industrial automation networks, has added dynamic vulnerability assessment scoring capabilities to its iSID industrial threat detection solution.

Version 5.3 of iSID industrial threat detection solution includes a dedicated risk analytics module that automates vulnerability mapping and assessment processes.

As industrial control systems grow in complexity, they become increasingly vulnerable to security attacks. As a result, OT/ICS security has emerged as the top priority among industrial IT managers. In fact, a recent Kaspersky survey finds that 77% of the participants view OT/ICS security as a major priority. 

Though awareness about security has grown, very few companies have deployed security patches and remediation in their OT networks. This is because any changes in the system design, including that of security enhancements, require long testing procedures.  Majority of companies still rely on labor-intensive evaluations and unstructured risk assessments, leading to undependable results. 

The new risk analytics module from Radiflow addresses this dilemma. It has the ability to dynamically evaluate vulnerabilities according to the classification of attacker profiles and prepare defense strategies for protecting specific functionalities and operational processes. 

Based on the attacker models and defined defense strategies, iSID assigns a risk and exploitability score for each device on the OT network and identifies the most critical attack vectors using these scores. These insights help security analysts and risk managers prioritize workloads based on the specific context of their OT networks and their impact on the business operations of the organization.

“From our discussions with our EU customers, the first steps in the process for compliance with NIS Directives are conducting an assessment of assets and creating an improvement plan,” said IlanBarda, CEO of Radiflow. “The new features in our new version enable operators of OT networks to prioritize the risks that are mapped in the assessment process with the correct correlation to their business processes so that the improvement plan can be aligned with their business priorities.”


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