New - the miniature Microsonic sks ultrasonic sensor

16 June 2008

- same features as a standard sensor but 33% smaller!

Thanks to their short response time and tiny size, Microsonic's new miniature sks sensors available from Balluff are suitable for a whole variety of applications. Whether it's in the electronics industry where printed circuit boards and wafers are scanned, or on a packaging machine where highly transparent foils have to be scanned.

Though the housing of the new sks sensor at 33mm(h) x 16mm(w) x 12mm(d) is 33% smaller than that of the established zws sensor - the performance data stays the same - 150 mm operating range; 250 mm maximum range and one pnp switched output.

With 3 easy push-to-teach operating modes

- single detection point....ignores what is behind the target

- window mode.....sees the target between objects

- two-way reflective barrier....allows the user to set the background as a reflector, sensing only the target passing in front.

The sks is the ideal sensor for any application.

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