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13 June 2008

REACH-VEN aims to help businesses work together to navigate REACH legislation. REACH can be complicated and costly, especially for small companies, and this online service is claimed to provide support and help pre-registration.

Chemical substances must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
Chemical substances must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

The website is also designed to help companies to begin working together as part of a Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) Preparation Consortium, in advance of forming a full SIEF.

VEN, the company that developed REACH-VEN, said those who sign up will be able to find out if the legislation applies to them and begin the process of working together and making contact with other companies intending to register the same substances.

Mark Selby, from Denehurst Chemical Safety, said: ‘We know that REACH has important implications for manufacturers, importers and distributors of chemicals accessing the European market, and this solution will help companies in the pre-registration process. The REACH-VEN platform has many benefits in helping companies to begin working collaboratively to share costs leading up to full registration.’

According to Jim Thomas, business development director of VEN, the new service will offer value to businesses.

’Companies that might find it difficult to make themselves heard in negotiations, particularly relating to the costs of REACH, will find that REACH-VEN offers a cost-effective, secure and transparent solution that does not discriminate in favour of any one company, whether they are large or small,’ he said.

‘REACH-VEN follows a very simple process that will quickly and easily help REACH pre-registrants to access the secure platform and the full support of the VEN team. REACH-VEN also provides a simple solution for pre-registering all of a company’s substances with ECHA through a bulk upload facility, carried out by REACH-VEN on behalf of registrants. Users of the site can pre-register all of their substances in a single streamlined system that will save them both time and effort.’

VEN, supported by regional development agency Yorkshire Forward, helps users identify whether or not their company is required to comply with REACH legislation. It then aims to provide the resources and governance structures for organisations to start working together to share existing data and to identify and capture new data.

’It is vital that companies comply with new legislation, but in the interests of operational efficiency, the process for doing so needs to be as streamlined as possible. In an increasingly competitive global market place, companies survive on their ability to be both compliant and efficient – the REACH-VEN initiative will allow them to achieve this,’ Jim Farmery, head of competitiveness at Yorkshire Forward, said.

After joining REACH-VEN companies will be able to take part in Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) Preparation Consortia. These will initiate the process of identifying other companies dealing with the same substances. This gives access to a range of support tools covering registration cost management, legal agreements for confidentiality etc. and VEN’s collaborative platform (including IT systems, directory, and online exhibition space).

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