Extended OPC UA aggregation server options

11 February 2019

Softing Industrial Data Intelligence has released version 1.10 of its dataFEED Secure Integration Server, extending its OPC UA Aggregation Server and offering more filtering options for individual OPC UA items.

dataFEED Secure Integration Server is used at the interface of IT and automation networks and uses the OPC UA interoperability standard for efficient and secure data exchange. A key benefit is the aggregation of data from multiple sources in an OPC UA aggregation server. It allows for easy access to data from the entire OPC UA namespace.

Access to individual data is controlled by access rights. Different applications can work with their own certificates or their own access rights. The new version 1.10 offers extended configuration options for this definition. Thus, for individual OPC UA Client applications, the data access can now be restricted not only at the level of the shared address space, but also at the level of individual items by specifying the access type. For this purpose, in the access configuration the respectively desired OPC UA service, such as e.g. Read, Write, Browse or Subscribe can be selected. Since dataFEED Secure Integration Server uses the REST interface for configuration, even extensive OPC UA address spaces can be easily managed and restricted and made secure by the use of suitable filters.

To increase application security, the new dataFEED Secure Integration Server version 1.10 adds the option of certificate-based user authentication to define OPC UA connections.

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