K-coded M12 connector for integrated transmission of data, signals and power

14 January 2019

HARTING has introduced a new version of its M12 circular connector in the IEC 61076-2-111 standard K-coding.

The new configuration enhances the M12 interface for data and signals transmission by offering a similar compact interface for energy-intensive applications. With four power contacts and a protective earth contact, it is possible to safely transmit 7 kW at 630 V and 16 A. 

The trend towards miniaturisation is having an increasing impact on the space-saving supply of voltage to compact drives as well as on networks. The step towards developing and standardising the K-coding is therefore a necessary one for HARTING. Previously, higher-powered supplies for circular connectors have normally been handled via PROFINET, of which the M12 L-coding device with 0.75 kW at 63 V and 16 A is a well-established standard. 

HARTING will supply the K-coding product with 7 kW at 630 V and 16 A, allowing the integrated transmission of data, signals and power. 

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