Rockwell Automation control devices support CIP Security

10 December 2018

CIP Security was created to help protect critical industrial communications as part of a defense-in-depth security strategy. Rockwell Automation has introduced the first industrial control products on the market that allow companies to deploy CIP Security in their operations.

ODVA developed CIP Security as an extension to the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), which is the application-layer protocol for EtherNet/IP. 

CIP Security is the first industrial automation protocol to support transport layer security (TLS), a proven security standard that is widely used on the World Wide Web today.

“CIP Security can protect devices and systems that use EtherNet/IP from some of the top risks in connected operations, such as unauthorised PCs,” said Tony Baker, portfolio manager, security, for Rockwell Automation. “It does this in a few key ways. First, it limits device connectivity to only trusted PCs and devices. It also guards against packet tampering to protect data integrity. Finally, it encrypts communications to avert unwanted data reading and disclosure.”

Engineers will now be able to implement CIP Security in their systems through new Rockwell Automation products and firmware updates to existing products such as Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers, communication modules and Kinetix servo drives.

In addition, the newly enhanced FactoryTalk Linx communications software allows FactoryTalk visualisation and information software running on a PC to communicate to CIP Security-enabled devices. The new FactoryTalk Policy Manager tool within the FactoryTalk software is used to implement and configure security policies between CIP Security-enabled devices.

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