Engineer-friendly CMMS is the right ingredient for CP Foods

05 December 2018

CP Foods UK has selected Spidex’s Mainsaver CMMS to support best-practice maintenance at its production facility in Newmarket.

This selection followed an evaluation exercise initiated when the company’s engineering maintenance team decided to replace an outdated CMMS which was nearing the end of its useful life, having been de-supported by its supplier.

CP’ Foods’ experience with the older CMMS ensured that the engineers were very clear about what was required from its replacement. 

Karen Daffurn, engineering administrator at CP Foods, explains: “A particular requirement from the CMMS was a module to support management of stores inventory. This was important because when we know the accumulated outlay on spare parts, then we are in a better position to track lifetime costs for every plant asset. 

“The deciding factor though, was that Mainsaver appeared to be the most ‘engineer-friendly’ of all the systems we looked at.”

Improved ‘engineer engagement’ with the new CMMS is expected to support a number of longer-term objectives. A primary one will be to increase the percentage of planned maintenance work, and thereby reduce lost production time due to machine failure.

Another anticipated benefit, with manufacturing industry increasingly subject to regulatory compliance, is shortening the preparation process for external audits by extracting maintenance data held in the CMMS.

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