Continuous Factory and Device Operation with Moxa´s CN Terminal Server Series

02 June 2008

Hosts with two LAN interfaces get Serial Data Redundancy with Moxa´s CN2650 and "Redundant COM" driver.

Both provide application software such as SCADA/HMI with transparent automatic Data Redundancy through redundant Ethernet networks. "Redundant COM" uses both CN2650's Ethernet ports, and both Ethernet ports of dual Ethernet workstations - SCADA/HMI, proprietary software - to guarantee fail-safe operation without application software modification. CN2650 offers dual power input and a 3-in-1 serial interface (RS-232/422/485) with optional optical isolation. For systems with multiple SCADA/host controlling applications, CN2650 supports multiple connections to the serial interfaces from different hosts, allowing and standby hosts to take over the communication when a primary host fails.

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