Simplifying the creation of customised cobot solutions

05 November 2018

The UR e-Series cobots, available from RARUK Automation, are said to make it easier to create off-the-shelf customised, collaborative robot solutions.

The UR e-Series comprises three models whose payload is from 3kg to 10kg with a reach radius from 500mm to 1300mm. The lightweight cobots can be easily applied to multiple tasks without the need to change existing production layouts. 

No special electrical installation is required – the robot runs from a regular power outlet. It also comes as standard with 32 industrial I/O connectors and Ethernet connectivity. Unpacking, installing and programming the UR e-Series for its first task typically takes an hour. 

Cobots can be moved between applications quickly and are able to re-use programmes for recurrent tasks giving customers the flexibility to automate multiple manual tasks within the production facility with just one cobot. This quality is complemented by a wide and growing range of UR+ installation-ready end effectors, vision systems, accessories and associated software to meet every configuration and application need. 

The 3D-interface in the UR e-Series allows anyone programme the robot without previous experience. A button located on the teach pendant enables the operator to programme a robot by hand-guiding its arm to the desired position, or simply by using the drag-and-drop functions on a touchscreen tablet.  

The UR e-Series is said to make robotic automation a viable option for SMEs with small batch production as well volume manufacturers who wish to add greater flexibility to their set-up. The technology eliminates the added costs traditionally associated with robot programming and set-up as well as safety guarding.  

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