What has the IIoT ever done for industry?

07 October 2018

A Whitepaper document from Novotek UK and Ireland looks at how emerging technologies – such as digital twinning, artificial intelligence and next-generation SCADA systems –can be used to benefit the industrial business, particularly in terms of improving maintenance operations.

“Maintenance is an unavoidable part of industrial operations,” explained George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. “It’s in these roles that we are seeing digital technologies having the biggest impact, providing detailed insight for maintenance engineers and plant managers. This has an impact beyond just technical data; it can completely reshape a plant’s maintenance schedule to reduce costs, maximise uptime and minimise risk.
“It is now possible, for example, to use digital twinning to create virtual representations of physical assets that draw from current and historical data. These twins allow engineers to remotely view how a piece of equipment is performing and when maintenance is required. We are also now at a point where predictive analytics can be incorporated into this, allowing the system itself to identify trends and predict when maintenance is necessary, reducing planned downtime to an efficient minimum.”
This is one example of intelligent analytics and algorithms in maintenance that plant managers can invest in today. As the whitepaper explores, platforms such as Predix by GE Digital incorporate machine learning algorithms into the core platform, which can analyse the vast amounts of generated data far more efficiently than a human. Engineers can use this to make impactful process improvements. The Whitepaper can be downloaded from the company’s website at www.novotek.com/uk/

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