Eriez hails Denby installation as ‘great success’

23 May 2008

Denby Pottery’s quality control standards have been given a boost with High Intensity (HI) Magnetic filters from Eriez Magnetics Europe. Denby conducted trials at Eriez’s Bedwas, UK site and subsequently placed the order, worth over £100,000 (€125,000).

Trials took place on both the glaze and ceramic body from Denby. Satisfied with results at this point, Denby took a trial unit – a HI25-50 six-valve automatic filter – up to the Derbyshire production site and ran it for just over a month on the glaze line. Throughputs on this line are around 1 cubic metre per hour.

First impressions were encouraging, though not fully conclusive, and the trial was extended. The HI Magnetic Filter’s performance in removing potentially harmful contamination from the ceramic glaze was subsequently proven and Denby placed a firm order.

Shortly afterwards, Denby ordered a much larger HI200-50 six-valve automatic filter unit to treat ceramic body. This unit is required to handle throughputs of 11 cubic metres per hour.

Dean Barlow, technical manager, said the new systems had ‘run at full production levels since the middle of last year’.

He continued: ‘They have proven to be significant contributors to our process quality improvement – both our through and final product yields have increased and we therefore create less waste/rework at final inspection, amongst other benefits.’

Barlow underlined the benefits the investment had created.

He said: ‘I am happy to say that the Eriez Magnetics plant that has been installed here at Denby Pottery has not only met, but exceeded all our expectations.’

HI Magnetic Filters are fully automatic, self-cleaning magnetic systems. The automation prevents any need for manual cleaning and thus matches the vigorous ferrous removal requirements, which are a feature of the range. In this configuration the magnetics are flushed out of the matrix on a timed cycle, a vital feature when processing ceramic slip or glaze.

The models installed at Denby have been configured with a background field of 5,000 Gauss which, when intensified in the matrix, increases to a peak of around 15,000 Gauss (1.5 Tesla). Eriez claims tests have demonstrated that only this high level of magnetic intensity is sufficient to eliminate defects and sufficiently increase the material quality, as it is powerful enough to draw and capture wet paramagnetic particles at the required flow rate.

John Curwen, sales director at Eriez, described the installation as a ‘great success story’ for Eriez. Curwen added: ‘We are intensely proud to have worked closely, and with such success, alongside a world tableware leader such as The Denby Pottery Company.’

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