Detection and ranging sensors promise less false signals

18 September 2018

Suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications, the new LMS1000 and MRS1000 infrared LiDAR distance and range sensors from SICK incorporate its HDDM+ (High Definition Distance Measurement) which is said to enable greater consistency in performance, even in adverse environmental conditions.

The sensors can be easily mounted onto machinery, cranes or gantries, on walls or above entrances in buildings to achieve optimum viewpoint. 

The HDDM+ ‘triple-echo’ laser scanning technology almost eliminates any false signals which results in much less risk of collisions or errors due to an inaccurate evaluation of the position of objects in the sensor’s field.

The four plane detection capability of the MRS1000 enables it to be used for more complex tasks as diverse as multi-level obstructions, boundary mapping and security for large or sensitive areas.

The LMS1000 scans in a single plane, with a 275o angle of view, up to 64m for a general range of distance detection and ranging applications, with ten fields allowing several pre-programmed applications. With the same angle of view and distance, the MRS1000 scans in four planes, allowing either the height of objects to be scanned in, such as overhanging obstructions, or in-depth scanning from an elevated position.
The IP65/67 rugged, compact housing resists shock, impact and vibration, and together with an operating temperature range of -30oC to +50oC and integrated heating, the sensor is fit for duty even in extremes of weather and maintenance costs are minimised. 

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