AI adds to robot efficiency

10 September 2018

The implementation of artificial intelligence is adding efficiency to all stages of the manufacturing process, including robotics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is adding efficiency to almost every phase of the manufacturing process –from design and start-up through to operation and maintenance. This is why Mitsubishi Electric’s new industrial robot series – the MELFA FR – can help achieve a more flexible and productive working environment.

Increased productivity and profitability for manufacturing companies require the optimisation of available floor space and machine up-time. Safety features such as Safe Limited Speed (SLS), Safely-Limited Position (SLP) and Safe Torque Off (STO) achieve this by allowing personnel to work efficiently around robots. Scalable safety options allow the robot can be optimised for occasional or regular human access. Slowing down in stages rather than making an immediate stop and transitioning from high-speed to low-speed operation and back again quickly allows both the robot and the human to work efficiently without stops, and in a smaller space.

In addition to the time saved in operation, new MELFA FR robot series is also fast and simple to install with intuitive programming and extensive connectivity options. Before use, operators can set-up and test robot movement and interaction virtually using 3D CAD simulation software.

The MELFA FR robot portfolio addresses a wide range of automation applications by offering both vertically articulated robotic arms and horizontally articulated SCARA robots. Each version employs a double-arm structure securing maximum freedom of movement while delivering stability at high speeds. Depending on the model, the new robots are available with ranges of up to 1504 mm and 2 to 20 kg load capacity. MELFA FR robots are said to maintain accuracies of up to ± 0.01 mm.

Commenting on the range, Oliver Giertz, product manager Servo/Motion/Robots for EMEA region for Mitsubishi Electric, said: “The new MELFA FR robot series offers the latest advances in managing safety and using AI on the factory floor. When AI is applied to highly adaptable automation products not only are they easier to use, but also fast and efficient to integrate within production and assembly systems. The result is a collaborative, versatile, safe and reliable solution that can boost productivity and slash production time and costs.”

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