Continuous Factory and Device Operation with Moxa

08 May 2008

Industrial applications and critical environments demand redundancy mechanisms to ensure continuous factory and devices operation.

A host with two LAN interfaces will get the Serial Data Redundancy with the CN2650 and Moxa’s “Redundant Com” driver. The CN2650 and “Redundant COM” combination provide application software such as SCADA/HMI a transparent and automatic data redundancy through redundant Ethernet networks.

The “Redundant COM” uses both CN2650’s Ethernet ports, and both Ethernet ports of dual Ethernet workstations – SCADA/HMI, proprietary software – to guarantee a fail-safe operation without modifying the application software.

CN2650 series offers dual power inputs and a 3-in-1 serial interface (RS-232/422/485) with optional optical isolation to guarantee redundant and reliable operation. For systems with multiple SCADA/host controlling applications, CN2650 series supports multiple connections to the serial interfaces from different hosts, allowing and standby hosts to take over the communication when a primary host fails.

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