Totally Integrated Automation from Siemens

06 May 2008

A new generation SB4F spinner block from copper tube drawing machinery specialist MRB Schumag utilises a number of Siemens products for a totally integrated automation solution.

MRB Schumag has been manufacturing spinner blocks for over 40 years, and its latest generation, the SB4F, utilises more Siemens technology than ever before, including Flender FZG and Motox gears, geared units, couplings and high-efficiency Siemens motors.

Each main spinner block drive features a Flender FZG gear unit size B2DV16 with its own oil supply system, Siemens DC main drive motor and Siemens control equipment. There are also a total of 14 Flender Motox geared motors featured on other parts of the spinner drive, ranging from in-line and parallel shaft units to helical bevel boxes from the popular Flender 'K' Series. Motox worm gear units are additionally featured on lighter duty conveyors within the process, and Flender couplings are also featured.

Flender gear units have been used by MRB Schumag for many years, with Motox geared motors being used more recently in areas of the automation process not previously selected, due partly to the wide range of torques now available in this range. The modular construction of Motox enables build-ons like brakes, encoders and forced fan units to be easily integrated. This is a significant benefit to MRB Schumag, as it provides the company with a broad range of solutions from size 28 bevels, rated at just 130 Nms, up to size 168, rated at 13,500 Nms (although available in up to 20,000 Nms).

The global service support network provided by Siemens Automation & Drives was an influential part of MRB Schumag’s decision to use Flender and Siemens units on its new spinner block. As MRB Schumag engineering manager Graeme Bainbridge said: 'Flender gear units have proven their reliability and performance to us over many years, and were therefore the natural choice for our new generation of spinner blocks.'

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