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New Bluetooth DP transmitter from VEGA

07 August 2018

The VEGADIF 85 differential pressure transmitter offers a host of user benefits based around ease of use, productivity, safety and reliability. It makes set up and operation simpler – whether locally in the head via push buttons, magnetic pen or remote: as the first DP transmitter to feature Bluetooth encrypted technology, it can be set up from a safe, convenient location; using either Smartphone, Tablet or PC and/or via traditional HART Handheld.

For safety-related applications it features EIC 61508 SIL2/3 conformance for peace of mind. VEGADIF 85 has integrated independent static pressure measurement for enhanced accuracy and stability – ideal for flow applications. This static pressure measurement can be output as a second process variable for total system pressure. As part of the plics® system from VEGA, it shares common features with all other transmitters in the range; universal programmer, multiple housings, easy set up and a variety of communication options: 4-20mA (twin 4-20mA), HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus.

To complete a range of flexible differential pressure solutions, it partners VEGABAR 80 series e-DP systems for complete versatility and capability for flow, level, density corrected level, pressure, density measurement, interface and many other applications.

The VEGA pressure range is comprehensive, competitively priced, with a choice of measuring cells and certifications, with easier, faster installation, and a quick 3-day delivery for standard options with a 3 year warranty. For a live demo or trial, please contact VEGA.


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