Software solution to quantify and improve plant productivity

23 July 2018

Pro.Lean software, from Products 4 Automation (P4A), is designed to measure real-time productivity through key performance indicators (KPIs) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By flagging underproductive areas it can help boost plant performance in real-time, track success and plan for future improvements.

Pro.Lean can assess the plant situation in real-time and display the overall production status and trend indicators. The solution is available as a stand-alone, software solution or as a plug-in function module within the Movicon.NExT SCADA/HMI platform.

An open interface allows the software to communicate and gather data from field devices, networks and machines via PLC, CNC, PAC, inverters, I/O, fieldbus, HMI, or SCADA. It uses OPC-UA as the communication technology. In addition, communication drivers for IoT system integration are also offered, along with direct connection to management level systems.

Wizards are available to automatically generate reports from analysis on the production data. These reports can be customised to integrate any relevant production data that needs analysing or cross-referencing with data from other production assets. Any areas experiencing inefficiencies are highlighted and details on where and when production downtime occurred as well as the causes are provided. Operators are also able to monitor the productivity processes remotely by using the web-based reporting service and graphical interface. The dashboard can be customised and integrated with automated control features enabling Pro.Lean to function in a supervisory capacity.

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