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Weidmüller PROtop power supply: New innovative high-end power supply with pluggable PRO COM communication module.

13 May 2018

The pluggable PRO COM communication module by Weidmüller offers full communication capabilities from the field level to the cloud for the first time. PRO COM can be plugged into the PROtop power supply to acquire product and condition data. This data can then be transmitted to a superordinate controller and finally be evaluated in a cloud where the evaluation results can be made available to all relevant network participants. 

This enables system operators to implement new services for optimisation and diagnostics within their production processes.

This solution generates added value from machine data and provides the foundation for fully networked production facilities. Weidmüller already offers future-oriented Industry 4.0 solutions that combine automation and digitalisation.

PROtop is a new power supply for the most stringent demands that is powerful, efficient and innovative and is designed for high-end applications.

Thanks to the latest DCL technology (DCL = dynamic current limiting), PROtop provides a very good dynamic range for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers and powerful motor starts. High efficiency and a long service life means savings in energy and costs are achieved. A significant increase in plant availability is achieved via the creation of redundancies (n+1 redundancy), a parallel connection of power supplies with diodes or a redundancy module. The integrated O-ring MOSFET technology from PROtop enables direct parallel switching of power supplies while reducing power loss at the same time. Traditional diode or redundancy modules no longer need to be incorporated.

Weidmuller’s aim is to enable the integration of all devices as quickly as possible and to easily facilitate the transfer of data to the cloud. With this in mind, the PROtop high-end power supply has been upgraded to meet these requirements both now and for the future. Users get an interface between the field level, IT systems and a cloud through retrofitting the PRO COM communication module by simply plugging it into the PROtop power supply. This presents new opportunities with regard to generating added value from machine and production data using smart analytical processes in order to improve speed, flexibility and efficiency of plant operations. In addition, users are able to lay the foundation for process optimisation through condition monitoring and remote control. Condition monitoring and remote control are prerequisites for helping to ensure that all machine or plant automation components are permanently supplied with power in all conditions. Maintenance interventions can be planned and effectively minimised, increasing the profitability of the system. This benefits operators across a vast range of industries, including for example, food and packaging plants with stringent requirements for hygiene, protection classes and corrosion resistance through to hard-to-reach installations on offshore wind farms.

With its impressive characteristics, PROtop is an ideal choice wherever reliability, longevity of service and energy-efficiency are indispensable, where redundant power supply systems are required, or if the system is to be used in harsh environmental conditions. Together with the attached PRO COM communication module, the PROtop power supply sets new standards and taps into the full potential of Industry 4.0.

For further information you can view Weidmuller’s PROtop information, or call 0845 094 2006.

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