Combined PLC and motion controller

25 April 2018

The new FP-XH from Panasonic combines a compact PLC with a motion controller. The CPU has 16 digital inputs/outputs and is equipped with four high-speed inputs. The PLC can be expanded with Panasonic's expansion units from the FP0R and FP-X series.

The FP-XH comes with electronic clutch, cam, and gear functions as well as functions for linear and circular interpolation. The PMX Configurator is integrated into the programming software Control FPWIN Pro 7 and this can be used to set the positioning parameters with the help of cam profiles.

The FP-XH uses RTEX bus (Realtime Express), a real-time bus desgined for high-end applications. Its high transmission speed and sampling rates make it suited for highly dynamic single and multiple axes position control tasks. The communication between master and slaves happens in real time. Cabling is via standard Ethernet cables (Cat 5e, up to 100m distance between units).

Panasonic says that the use of the RTEX bus system offers an increase in performance and productivity in applications that traditionally have been solved with digital and analogue programmable controllers.

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