Understanding how powders behave when subjected to consolidation

08 April 2018

The Uniaxial Powder Tester, from Freeman Technology, offers a stand-alone shear tester for simple, sensitive and cost-effective powder characterisation to help users better understand how powders behave when subjected to consolidation, which is vital for the development of effective storage and processing strategies.

The instrument also enables offline consolidation which delivering additional testing capabilities and valuable insights.

The offline Consolidation Station allows samples to be stored for extended periods under precisely controlled conditions, such as applied consolidation (up to 100kPa), elevated temperature (up to 70°C) and varying humidity, to simulate typical industrial environments. Multiple units can be employed simultaneously to replicate various industrial processes, leaving the main instrument available for continued testing and dramatically boosting analytical throughput.  

For more information on the UPT, and other powder testing products offered by Freeman Technology, please visit www.powderflow.com.  

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